A consultation appointment is an office visit with one of our board certified sleep physicians. During the evaluation, your doctor will review your medical history and perform a physical exam…. Your physician will work with you to develop a treatment plan and may recommend a sleep study.


Engineering consulting firms provide engineering services and expertise to companies in need of a specialized skill-set. Generally, the consulting service company has experienced engineers able to provide short-term technical advice for a fee. Consulting professionals work with clients to define solutions to problems or to help determine and recommend the best course of action for a given initiative. Engineering consulting services can save time, effort, and money for companies that do not have the knowledge or expertise for handling a specific task.

Our services in consultation

Describing the purpose, objectives, and needs of the project..

Setting a project timetable..

Identifying potential problems

Determining project budgets and estimates.

Selecting consulting firms that offer the required services.

Providing the project information to the clients, along with an invitation to submit a proposal.

Provide evidence of the firm’s ability to perform the work.

And much more !

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