CRM (₹ 20000)

CRM -Customer Relationship Management


Merchandizing Track complete Product Life cycle right from sampling to order delivery. Then Create Costings, Budgets, BOM sheets. Track Product Development. Do Post Shipment Costing and profitability analysis.


Invoice and Packing List formats of over 80 big retailers already there.Track pre and post shipment documents. Back to Back LC, Insurance and Freight tracking.


Track Inventor. Track purchases and deliveries. Perform Vendor rating as well as smart allocation of purchase orders based on defined business rules. Optimize inventory allocation through “Smart” allocation of inventory across orders ensuring lower costs.

Production Control

All standard accounting reports such as P&L, B&S, Trial Balance etc. Linked with purchase and production modules to ensure all bills are linked with actual operations. Perform variance and profitability analysis. Multi Currency. Generate statutory reports in excel, CSV.


Track production right from issue to shop floor to receipt in Finished Goods Warehouse. Perform Quality and production analysis. Track outsourced and in-house production. Perform Planned Vs. Actual production costs on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.


Cloud based Payroll software no setup needed. Configurable leave, deductions and allowances. Configurable reports for specific needs of the company. Create Cost Centers to track manpower costs for each department.

IPPC-Production Planning

loud based planning tool. No setup required. Can be started in a matter of minutes. Visual based Production planning. Ideal for any manufacturing unit for optimizing the machine and manpower utilization. Get Planned Vs. Actual Costs

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