Nothing beats working for yourself. Even when you love your job and think that it’s rewarding, the satisfaction you get when you are your own boss is a completely different feeling. Not only is it more meaningful but it comes with so many benefits..

Startup Idea?

If you have a degree in a communication field or in journalism but don’t want to work in a traditional newspaper or broadcasting atmosphere, you could look into online journalism. Build your portfolio with online companies such as HuffPost and then work your way to creating your own medium of news; be it a blog, youtube channel, social media channel, etc. Then you can add sales funnels by looking into advertising revenue.

UI/UX or User Interface/User Experience designers and specialists have a unique skill set that is extremely important in the today’s world. A lot of consumer psychology is based on how the customers interact with a website or app interface and how pleasant or easy the experience is. UI/UX designers can literally build the face of the company or brand and they often get paid a large sum to do so too. As with any other job, the experience and work portfolio plays a big role in the future work prospects, so if you are interested in starting your own UI/UX business, keep hustling and take up even the smallest gigs, even just for the experience.

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